Friday, 30 August 2013

Bed 5

So the first 4 beds have been a success. Let's now tackle bed 5.

This one is next to the two composts and part of it is in shade for some of the day. We've planted leek in the shady part and even though they're growing, they're not very big yet. However, they're not ready until next spring so that's not a worry to us.

Apart from leek we have broccoli and, as can be seen in the photo, they're quite big. I can't see any actual broccoli though but that might come later. Who knows? I certainly don't. They do take up a lot of space so let's hope we get a lot out of them. 


Half of the bed is taken up by these enormous plants:

Brussel sprouts! They are big and lovely looking and all four of them look like this if you look closely:

 I so hope that we'll be able to eat these at Christmas! So far we seem to be avoiding caterpillars as they seem to be going for the purple sprouting broccoli big time. 

We planted peppers and chili pepper next to the brussel sprouts not realising that the peppers would end up being hidden by the big sprout plants. A mistake we'll have to think about not making next year. Having said that, the peppers are growing and taste lovely. 

I thought we'd bought two yellow ones but only one is developing into lovely little yellow peppers. The one above have big, beautiful green peppers no matter how long they stay there so I've picked a couple.

I'm not sure when the chili peppers are ready to be picked but they do look nice. 

So that's bed number 5. A bit of a mix in other words.

Broccoli next year? Possibly not. Takes up too much space for what we get. 
Brussel sprouts? Oh I do hope so.
Leek? Yes!
Peppers? Yes, but in a sunnier spot.
Chili peppers? Possibly. I don't use chili peppers much but maybe I'll start now.

Last day of the summer holidays today. Must make the most of it!

Mrs. M.

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