Sunday, 1 September 2013

Two Swedes and a lot of Potatoes!

Harvest day! Pay day for all the hard work (sort of anyway) for Mrs. G. and moi on the very last day of freedom.

We had decided to meet up this afternoon for some harvesting. We started off with the onions and pulled them out of the soil and placed them on top of the bed to dry out. They'll now stay there until tomorrow evening when we'll meet up again to share them out. 

Don't they look fantastic? We're planning to sow a winter variety to harvest next spring. 

After the necessary cup of coffee and homemade buns we set about digging up our potatoes. I had already got some out the other day and that had been a rather sad experience as the spuds were not too good.  Little did I expect that we would find this:

 Beautiful, perfectly shaped small and big potatoes. It didn't take long before the basked was filled.

We had to fill Mrs. G.'s trug as well and boy were they heavy. We then got some spinach and 3 chilli peppers each before heading home tremendously pleased with our allotment achievements. 

I set about putting my share of the potatoes in paper bags and surprised the whole family when I told them that I had put away 13 kilos of potatoes for future meals. Brilliant!

Mrs. M.

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