Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bed 6

Back to going through bed by bed and the time has come to bed 6. This is the least interesting one in my opinion. 


It looks quite impressive with the big plants but trust me, it isn't. The biggest ones are broccoli and have given us very little to harvest. To be honest, they take up more space than they're worth. 

Next to the broccoli we have savoy cabbage which is looking quite good. I have no idea when to harvest that one so will have to do some reading about that. 

 Behind the cabbage we have a long row of parsnips that are also looking rather fabulous, though it's too early to say as they won't be harvested until the winter. 

 In between the parsnip and the broccoli we have 3 chard plants that were donated by another allotmenteer. They've grown very well and we've both used them in sallads etc. 


Broccoli? No thank you.
Savoy cabbage? Maybe, depending on how they taste.
Parsnip? Hopefully but also depending on what's in the ground.
Chard? Already established so there to stay for a while I think.

Mrs. M.

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