Thursday, 17 October 2013

It's been a while

Long time no write. It's obvious that when autumn arrives there's less to do at the allotment. For us anyway. This suits me just fine as work kind of takes over from September onwards. I try to nip up to see the plot every weekend but there are times when I just haven't got time. Or the weather is not all that great so I don't hesitate to give it all a miss.

Anyway, Mrs. G. and I have been good and done a fair bit of weeding. We've got rid of all the broccoli plants and good riddance actually. They were rather disappointing and we won't plant any next year. It looks an awful lot neater without them.

The tomatoes are growing and much to our surprise, we've had quite a few raspberries. The brussel sprouts are also looking fabulous. We'll definitely have enough for both families to feast on at Christmas.

The courgettes seem to be never ending and I've baked many a delicious courgette cake with cardamom as well as a yummy courgette soup that little miss M. loves. I tried to freeze the courgette both cut in small pieces and grated and it worked just fine to use these in the soup.

Everything tastes so much nicer when you've grown it yourself! There are still a lot of onions and potatoes in the garage and last weekend Mrs. G. and I planted both garlic and Japanese onions. These are supposedly the ones to plant in the autumn and harvest early next summer.

Last Saturday I made a chilli con carne and used the chilli from the allotment. I had picked them ages ago and they had dried but oh my were they hot. They tasted great in the dish but I managed to put the tip of my tongue in my hand where I had held the cut up chilli and that I should never have done. My lips were burning for a good half hour!

I will definitely try to get to the plot this coming weekend. Fingers crossed for good weather.

Mrs. M.

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