Sunday, 20 October 2013

Just in time

Well I did make it to the allotment today. I both got there and back home again before the rain appeared. Not that I stayed for very long. Mr. M. had a bucket full of chicken 'stuff' that we're now collecting in a little pile in a corner of the plot. This 'stuff' is supposedly way too strong to use straight away so we're piling it up ready to dig in next year. 

It's mixed in with shredded paper and straw - I'm sure that'll be ok.

A very brief inspection of the beds was very inspiring. The garlic we planted a couple of weeks ago has shot up.

The cauliflower is looking very good.

It looks like something's been eating the leaves but the actual cauliflower seems untouched. The kale is also looking good, which is good news for me as that is something the M. family eat as part of their Christmas meal. 

I also picked a few chillies to dry and put in the jar labelled ' Don't touch! Very hot!!'. 

It was all in all a very brief visit and I managed to dash home and rescue the washing before the downpour. I spent the next hour in the kitchen making creme brulee for dessert and meringue with the left over egg whites. It was rather cosy pottering about while the sky was almost black and the rain was hitting the windows. However, the sun has now come out and the rain has stopped. Fingers crossed for a sunny last week of work before half term. 

Mrs. M.

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