Friday, 23 August 2013

Bed 3

This is one of our most used beds. We've planted a mix of iceberg lettuce, spinach, radishes and celery. 

We've picked a lot from this bed in the last couple of months. Daily meals consist of freshly made salads including our lettuce and sometimes spinach. We've used spinach on top of homemade pizzas, in homemade ravioli and we've now got spinach in the freezer for future meals. The radishes grew big and tasted delicious and when they had all been eaten Mrs. G. sowed some more lettuce. The celery is nowhere near ready but looks good so far. I love celery so am hoping that it'll be a success.

Bed 3 has clearly been a success this year!

Lettuce next year? Oh yes, but maybe a few different types, sown at different times to stagger the picking.
Spinach next year? Oh yes!
Radishes next year? Yes.
Celery next year? Don't know yet, but hoping for a yes. 

Mrs. M.

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