Sunday, 18 August 2013

And so I'm back again

After another week's holiday I spent a lonely hour watering the allotment this evening. It was great to come back to see that everything looked healthy despite the fact the both Mrs. G. and I've been away for a week. The older Master M. had been given the job to water and he had done it very well. Hence the healthy looking plot. 

While walking around looking at the different plants I started thinking about what we've done well and what we could or should think about for next year. All of that deserve several posts and I will leave that to another day. Today is just a quick reminder of what my crop basket looked like after today's visit. 

I had to pick this rather enormous courgette. Or is it a marrow? Is that what courgettes turn into when they've grown out of proportion? You can see chard and lettuce in the basket and underneath there are some purple sprouting broccoli, spinach and a green pepper. After a week's camping in Cornwall I feel the need to eat a lot of greens!

Mrs. M.

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