Friday, 2 August 2013

Back again

I'm back again. Having been on holiday for a while it was great to head back to the allotment to see what had happened while I was away. Mrs.G. had been to water and look after our precious plot so everything looked just fabulous!

Everything had grown a lot and that included the weed as well. Little Miss M. and I spent a couple of hours weeding last night and had a really lovely time. Weeding does get a bit addictive once you start so we ended up staying for quite a lot longer than planned. I weeded and Little Miss M. sang songs into a spade. 

There was a lot of "Wow! Look at this!" as I moved from bed to bed. The raspberries caught our eyes as soon as we turned up. 

They tasted lovely! We won't get that many this year as we planted the canes quite late but will hopefully get lots next year. 

The pepper plants have quite a few green peppers. I'm not sure when to pick them so we'll leave them for a little while yet. 

It also looks like we'll get a fair few chilli peppers.

The tomato plants are not very big but look what I found:

I had remembered to bring some tomato feed so I added that to the water. Fingers crossed we'll get lots of these beauties. All three plants were given to us by another allotmenteer.

After weeding and watering we headed back home with a basket full of big courgettes, spinach, chard and 3 rhubarb stalks. Bob the neighbour told me that you shouldn't pick rhubarb after mid-July as the plant needs to rest but I couldn't resist picking just a few as I had found a recipe for rhubarb chutney that I'd like to try. We have a lot of spinach so I blanched what I had picked and have now got enough for at least one meal in the freezer.

I'm very popular in the mosquito community and discovered this morning that the bite I got yesterday has become rather big. Hm. I don't know if I was bitten at the allotment or before that. It feels rather uncomfortable!

Could this be a reason to sit with my feet up? I have a few crocheting projects on the go so that might not be a bad idea...

Mrs. M.

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