Sunday, 14 July 2013

Can't keep up

Oh dear! Everything is growing so quickly now that I can't keep up. Beautiful, warm weather has meant a trip to the allotment more or less every day this week. Lugging water cans back and forth, almost emptying the trough has been more powerful than a trip to the gym. I've come home with lettuce, potatoes and strawberries practically every time. Lovely!

Mrs. G. has had visitors this weekend and I've been busy sorting out the garage and sewing a "prom" dress for little Miss M's end of primary school do on Wednesday. However, I've managed to squeeze in two trips to water and harvest since Friday. I know that one shouldn't water in the middle of the day but that can sometimes not be helped. I had planned to take a walk over to the plot very early this morning, but a rather late dinner party last night put a stop to that. I set off this afternoon and came home with this:

Huge radishes!

The chard is now ready to pick.

We have loads of lettuce to pick.

The spinach is also ready to pick.

Lovely potatoes that melt in your mouth,
The rest is looking so fabulous. 

You should apparently pick the top of this purple sprouting broccoli so that it grows more heads. I'm leaving that one to Mrs. G. on Monday.

Look at the tiny courgettes growing. They'll be big in no time!

Just look at the spinach! We've got so much to pick now that I don't know where to start. We'll have to live on vegetables, which is not a bad idea. 

The ground was fairly hard when I dug up the potatoes today. Rumour has it that this heat wave will continue. This is of course fantastic news but a little bit of rain would not be a bad thing for the allotment. How about sunny, hot weather during the day and rain during the night? I'd like to order that please.

Mrs. M.

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