Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sun, cider and spuds

The weather forecast experts (?) had predicted a heat wave and I was waiting for it throughout the week. Hm. I didn't need to water on Tuesday as it was raining and when Mr. M. and I turned up on Thursday evening there was a raven on the shed roof and mist everywhere. I felt part of a Hitchcock film! Then Friday came along and the sun came out. I spent all day at the local secondary school with my pupils attending a primary schools sports day. It was great fun and despite using sun screen I turned into a tomato... I then spent the evening at school listening to wonderful singing and playing so no trip to the plot. 

Until Saturday. In the afternoon I met up with Mrs. G., who had already been up to plant leek in the early hours of the morning. Isn't she good!?! Bob, the neighbour, had also been there and given her some useful tips. The leeks should be planted in holes, then watered and left. No need to fill the holes in as the leeks need to root themselves. This is what it looks like:

Very neat and tidy!

It was rather hot so after a very short weeding session we settled down on the lawn and had some cider. 

It was lovely! Cold and refreshing and just what we needed before getting on with another of Bob the neighbour's tips - dig up some potatoes to see if there actually are some underneath. And there were! It was all really exciting and we dug up roughly 3/4 of a row. 

Shared between the two of us we set off home. Or in my case, off to another concert with children performing.

Today was just as hot and glorious so Mrs. G. and I met up in the afternoon. Mrs. G. had been to the local garden centre and bought some more plants and some netting. Our plants are now growing really well and we need to lift up the netting. When we spoke to another allotmenteer the other day we were told that netting is necessary more or less throughout the season as the birds eat and eat and eat. However, the netting we've been using is not big enough to raise up on sticks so Mrs. G. went and got some more. While I was busy weeding she did a grand job of creating netting boxes. 

It looks like we know what we're doing now!
It's great to see how the plants are growing. Just look at these:




Brussels sprout

Can you see the tiny pepper?
Today we also planted some cauliflower where we had dug up the potatoes.

After a good couple of hours of weeding, planting, netting and watering we went home. You feel rather tired, but in a good way. Mr. M. was just about to light the barbeque as I got home and little Miss M. had a friend over. The potatoes from the plot were an absolute hit with everybody!

These just melted in the mouth!
We also had some radishes. I had to cut them up so that everybody could have a taste. 

And as the grand finale we had some of these:

They were so lovely and I can't wait to pick some more on Tuesday!

Mrs. M.

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