Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sister and mingle

Five days with my sister went by in a flash. Her stay with us started and ended with lovely weather. In between? Well, rain... Not that she came to spend the days on the beach, but sunshine kind of makes a holiday that much nicer. However, we had a very good time. 

Mrs.G. has gone away again (lucky thing) and managed to miss a little spring mingle at the allotment the other evening. What a good thing my sister was here to join me. The gates were open and the communal hut was filled with food and drinks. I met some new people and had several useful chats that confirmed my suspicions that it was the wind that had caused some of our plants to die. I was told we need windbreaks. OK, windbreaks it is. I've put that down on my little list of useful tips. Before dashing off to meet the rest of the family in the pub, we went down to the plot to check on the potatoes. The early ones are looking fab and, to my delight, I could see the late ones coming through. This is so exciting!

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours in the sunshine at Michelham Priory before setting off for the airport. The weather was glorious and wandering around the beautiful garden made me want to plant flowers. Maybe we should sow some annuals between the strawberries and raspberries until we've decided what to plant there. Hm, I think I'll suggest that to Mrs. G.


 I'd better head off to the allotment to water tonight. I'm quite looking forward to it!

Mrs. M.

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