Sunday, 2 June 2013

Soil mates

I found this in a shop the other day and thought it would look good in the shed. It certainly sums up Mrs. G.'s and my weekend relationship at the moment. 

Potatoes and onions. Onions and potatoes. Looks like we're doing well in that department. I'm actually very pleased with our potatoes. Look at the early ones:

I think I'll stick to my day job. Photography is clearly not my thing.
Mrs. G. and I are very pleased with these but all the neighbouring plots seem to have much bigger and greener crops. Hm. Don't know why that is . Hopefully there is plenty of spuds underneath. The late ones are doing OK too. They've just come through and the leaves are much darker.

We spent a few hours this afternoon weeding and moving the soil up and around the potatoes. The weather forecast predicts sunny weather for the rest of the week so my soil mate and I have agreed on a watering schedule. 

Next week is a plot inspection week. These weeks seem to be fairly frequent and rumour has it that the plot police are quite strict. To be on the safe side, I decided to mow the lawn today. The lawn being the little grass covered space outside the shed where we sit and drink coffee and mowing being an act of using these:

It's a good thing that our "lawn" isn't very big. I have yet again invented a very amateurish and strange way of gardening. No wonder some of the plot neighbours were looking at me shaking their heads. One neighbour who didn't seem to find it weird was our neighbour just above our plot. I had only met him to say hello to before and didn't talk to him then as he was on the phone. Mrs. G. however had spoken to him previously and mentioned that he was very nice and his name was Not-Bob. Not-Bob seems very nice and introduced himself to me today and yes, his name was Not-Bob but Mike. However, Mrs. G. and I decided that we would carry on calling him Not-Bob. He has a huge rhubarb plant and invited us to take however much we wanted. 
Not-Bob's rhubarbs. There is twice as much on the other side of the compost.

So I did. I'll browse this blog page and indulge in rhubarb delights in the week to come. 

Mrs. M.

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