Friday, 14 June 2013


Thank goodness it's Friday! I've had a long week this week. It's been very enjoyable and, at the end of it, totally worth it. I hope all my pupils have enjoyed baking and preparing for a cafe end of week and I know for sure that all the visitors to our cafe enjoyed the cakes and biscuits and the service. I, however, am shattered.

Nevertheless, I went to the allotment to water our precious plants. Potatoes are still looking great and so are the strawberries and onions. The rest? Hm, not so good I'm afraid. Something has eaten the broccoli leaves. I don't know what but the leaves seem to be popular... Not too good.

After lugging the watering cans, with the help of Mr. M. I went home to this:

Well worth it! Finally a decent evening! Sun and no wind. Could it be better? The chickens and little Miss M. seem very happy too.

They're happy doing whatever. Chickens are not very bright and  clearly do whatever the little Miss wants them to do.

Happy Friday!

Mrs. M. 

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