Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I love strawberries! Having an established strawberry patch on the allotment is such a bonus. The plants are big and full of berris so it looks like we'll have lots of them once they've ripened. When I went to water earlier on today I found these two beauties:

I just had to pick them and bring them home. There are more on the verge of being edible so Mrs. G. will no doubt be able to pick some tomorrow. They tasted delicious!

I wasn't the only allotmenteer around with a watering can in hand. Not-Bob was doing the same as me. But I have to say that yes, size does matter Not-Bob. He had already started watering when I turned up and I finished before him. Not surprising really. He had two watering cans, both the size of children's watering cans...

Mrs. M.

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