Thursday, 6 June 2013


On the plot above us we have Not-Bob and on the plot below us we have Bob. (Yes, the plots are on a slope). When I went to water yesterday evening I met the very nice man called Bob for the first time. He has clearly been around for a while as his plot looks fantastic. In comparison, ours doesn't look much but it doesn't really matter. We're very proud of what we've achieved and the potatoes still look fab.

Anyway, Bob and I got talking and he too thought that the potatoes are coming on nicely. After a little while he pointed to our raspberries and mentioned that the canes are probably (his choice of word there shows how polite he was) meant to be separated when planted. Oh. He told me that they are sold in pots with 4 - 5 canes tied together  but should be taken apart and planted individually. This is how we planted ours:

All four groups have a lot more leaves now. This photo was taken when we first planted them.
Oh dear. Could we dig them out and replant them now? Possibly was the answer. We would have to water a lot though as raspberries are very thirsty and moving them might disturb the growing. Otherwise we could wait until the autumn. He concluded by saying that if we ever needed any help he would happily provide it. I couldn't help but laugh at that point. We most definitely need help!

Mrs. M.