Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank holiday

Glorious weekend!! Oh my oh my what a fantastic weekend we've had. Sunshine, warmth and a fair amount of relaxation. Could it be better? My dear sister turned up yesterday evening and it was obvious that the whole country was relaxing around the barbeque since traffic up to the airport was pretty much non-existent. 

As the weather was glorious today as well, we set off to walk in the bluebell forest on the very last day it was open to the public. We strolled amongst carpets of beautiful blue flowers and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine. 

I couldn't get enough of these images!

In the afternoon we set off to the allotment to meet Mrs. G. When I went up there yesterday to water I was met by some very tired looking plants. Some of them looked more or less dead and a neighbour allotmenteer explained to me that it was probably the wind that had killed them off. When I arrived today Mrs. G. was in the middle of putting cut off bottles around the most tired looking plants. Aha, a mini greenhouse might do the trick. 

Fingers crossed that this will help. The potatoes look great and so do the strawberries. The fourth raspberry plant is also looking very healthy so I'm sure we'll get some crops even if the aubergines, courgettes and sprouts are looking worse for wear. Only time will tell.


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