Thursday, 23 May 2013

More growing

The weather is just awful! I haven't been up to the allotment once since last weekend. There's no point in going as it's raining plenty and therefore no need for watering. That might be a good thing considering I'm rather busy at both work and home but.... I really want the weather to be warmer and more like it should be in May. I really feel like complaining to somebody. I just don't know who.

It's not all bad though. Last year I planted a magnolia in the garden. Not being born with particularly green fingers I've already killed the plants I bought at the same time. The magnolia sits nicely at the top of the garden near the chicken coop. The chickens like to scatter earth around it and I'm forever glancing over when they're out, worrying about my little tree. However, it seems to be fairly settled and has produced a few buds.

 Fingers crossed it'll survive both the chickens and my lack of gardening skills.


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