Sunday, 19 May 2013

Things are growing!

What a lovely weekend I've had! Spent Friday evening doing DIY and that was it for the whole weekend. Great! 

Being a bit of a Eurovision fan myself ( not only Little Miss M. ) we had invited Mrs. G. and family to join us in front of the telly. Wow! We had a great time! Dinner, wine and sweepstake made sure the evening was enjoyed by all of us. Congrats to Mr. G. who won the sweepstake!!!

And then the allotment of course. Mrs. G. and moi meet up just after lunch today and even though the rain had been hanging in the air all morning we had a lovely, warm afternoon on our plot. Four hours went by in a flash. We were very productive and raked, planted, watered and had coffee and cake. It's quite wonderful how good you feel after a few hours of manual work. How lovely it would be if life could consist of a bit of allotment work during the day and some crocheting in the evening. Unfortunately both Mrs. G. and myself have quite a hectic time at work at the moment. Though half term is only one week away so it's not all bad. 

Luckily Mrs. G. had brought her allotment book. We consulted it quite a lot.
 Mrs. G. had been to the allotment during the week and raked and sorted out beds no end. It looked fabulous! She's also cultivated little plants of all sorts of things in her study over the last few months. Brilliant! We added a few strawberry plants to our already quite blossoming strawberry patch.

A selection of what has been growing in Mrs. G's study.
This is going to be our fruit and berry area. We're not quite sure what else to add to it.
We've decided to sow radishes and carrots and then that'll be it. We will have filled every bit of our plot. Today we planted the following:

Courgettes and butternut squash. 
Purple sprouting broccoli.
We also planted sprouts and sowed parsnips, early broccoli and leek. It's all very exciting and seeing how quickly things grow is very rewarding. Just look at the onions:

They're shooting up! And look at the potatoes:


Looks like we might have potatoes by midsummer after all.

We might have to take a few trips to the plot this week to water. I really don't mind when you're met by all of this. Hard work? A little bit perhaps but sharing a plot with a friend is to be recommended. Chatting and working is the key to a happy allotment :).

Mrs. M.

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