Sunday, 12 May 2013

Painting and planting

So it's Sunday again and the weekend is almost over. Is it me or do the weekends go by quicker and quicker? I seem to be spending most of my so called free time using these:

 One could say that I needed to brush up on my painting skills.... and I certainly have. Not that I'm any better at it. I find it very difficult to keep a steady hand and seem to end up having to add coat after coat. Despite the tools I use, I'm not exactly on a roll(er). I have to do another coat tonight and seem to be putting it off. It's much more fun to be in my lovely new kitchen baking. I even managed to get up quite early this morning and bake cinnamon buns. Yummy yummy!

And then there's the allotment. I didn't have time to go over there yesterday and the weather wasn't exactly brilliant either so Mrs. G. and I arranged to meet this afternoon. As I've just mentioned, I woke up early to a clear blue sky and a big bright sun. My first thought wasn't the allotment but washing. I put on machine load after machine load and enjoyed watching it all dry while I was painting (what else) the study. It was rather windy but still a gorgeous day. I set off to meet Mrs. G. at 3 o'clock and arrived at a rather empty allotment and a grey sky. Where had the sun gone? This didn't prevent me from doing a bit of work though. I was rather pleased that there wasn't anyone around as I set about planting potatoes using my usual style. The one where I'm crawling from one end to the other moving the soil with my hands. Luckily Mrs. G. hadn't turned up either to see this rather eccentric planting style. This is result:

Three rows of potatoes in the ground. Phew. Rather pleased.

No sight of Mrs. G. yet so I decided to weed around the strawberry plants. The wind had picked up and the rain was hanging in the air. Just as I finished trimming the edges Mrs. G. turned up. Just in time for coffee, which she had kindly brought. I had some freshly made cinnamon buns in my bag and some delicious hazelnut crisp rolls (taste rather like short bread actually) that I baked the other day. We decided to sit in the shed as it was rather chilly outside. Oh it was lovely! All of it. We've now decided on revamping the inside of the shed as well. Painted walls (ugh more painting...), a little curtain, some paintings.... there's a lot to be done. Maybe a camp bed as well....

Time to do some painting!

Mrs. M.

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