Sunday, 13 July 2014


It's the time of year when you can Pick Your Own. How lovely. Well, I suppose I pick my own rhubarb, potatoes and onions at the allotment but the raspberries have not quite taken off so we went to the local farm shop this morning to pick raspberries. 


Little Miss M. and friend picked a punnet each while I picked two plus a tub from home. There were loads of lovely, red berries and the practically fell into your hands. And mouth...

 One of the punnets is already half empty as I started freezing them on a tray straight after we got home. Freezing them individually helps a lot as you don't have to deal with lumps of raspberries that go all soggy when defrosting. I haven't yet decided what to do with them all. I might make some cordial. Or jam. Or just eat them. 

Later on in the day we waved goodbye to the older Master M. who's off on a bike ride to Paris. Taking the overnight ferry, biking for two days, spending one day in Paris and then biking back to the ferry terminal on Friday. Four 19-year-olds on an adventure. Such fun!

I do envy them the trip to Paris. But I don't envy them the sore bottoms...

Mrs. M. 

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