Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Nothing much is happening at the allotment. I go there, I water, I admire some of the neighbouring plots and I look back at ours and think that we haven't really had any luck this year. Or maybe, we haven't put in as much work this year. Or maybe, we haven't planted as much this year. There's nothing to harvest at them moment so I go back home and water and admire my flowers instead.

We've planted a lot this summer due to a new garden "shed" and patio at the back of the garden. A large flower bed was dug out and had to be filled. Some of the plants are doing very well and some have already died... I hope that the ones that are doing well will spread a bit before I plant more. Next year. 

Ruby Anniversary

Leucanthemum Freak "Shasta Daisy" and Alstroemeria Princess Mathilde.

The lavender we've had for a few years now is looking and smelling lovely!

And then there are some potted plants as well. I love plants in pots in the summer. Two of them I've placed on the new patio outside the new garden shed. I love the colours!

Just look at these ones! The blue against the terracotta pot is just stunning!

The weather has been truly lovely these last couple of weeks and I spend a lot of time in the evening sitting in the garden. Long may it last!

Mrs. M.

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