Thursday, 3 July 2014

And then there was none

What a sad sight in the chicken run we were met by this morning; a dead chicken. Gwen had stayed out all night and we think she might have been frightened by something and suffered a heart attack. She was lying in the corner of the run and it looked as if she had toppled over. Poor thing. She must have been very lonely since Marjorie and Peggy went and she did seem rather old and sad. 

All three are now buried in the garden and it's time for us to remove the coop and run, give the remaining food to somebody else with chickens and say farewell to keeping hens. It has definitely been a worthwhile experience but I would only recommend chicken keeping to people with a big enough garden. They do need to come out and they definitely destroy most plants in their way. It's wonderful to be able to have fresh eggs though, so for anybody with a biggish garden and an interest in chickens I say "Go for it!"

Mrs. M.

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