Monday, 18 August 2014


Long time no visit. To the allotment that is. I've been away on two trips this summer and as a result the allotment has been neglected by me. Not by Mrs. G. though. When I last went to water (a few weeks ago now) the beds were overflowing with weeds. Not now. Mrs. G. and son have been very busy!!

We met up for a coffee and chat this afternoon. To start with. We have two beds of late potatoes but the greenery disappeared weeks ago and we have no idea why. Nor have the allotmenteers around us. However, the potatoes are not likely to grow without the leaves so we decided to dig up the Romano potatoes to see if there was something in the soil. And there was! They are red in colour and look pretty good!

Half for me and half for Mrs. G.
The spuds have been cleaned up and are now drying out in the garage before being placed in paper bags.

We managed to grow loads of courgette last year and wanted to repeat the success this year. So we planted several plants of the lovely green courgette. We thought. This is what we've grown:

It looks more like a pumpkin than a squash. And it's enormous. We had two of them! I have no idea what to do with it yet. It sounds rather hollow when you tap it so there's probably not a lot in it. 

There was a marrow amongst these huge things so I suppose we did plant some "ordinary courgette". That one came home with me as well. 

The tomato plants are looking good and there are lots of green tomatoes on them. The lettuce is ok as well and the few beetroots that have grown were ready to pick. 

We'll have to dig up the King Edwards one day soon as well and then we've got leeks and onions to pick once they're ready. An on going task but a fairly pleasant one. Now I just have to figure out what to cook with all the fresh produce. 

Mrs. M.

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