Sunday, 12 January 2014


Yesterday was glorious and Little Miss M. and I went for a walk to the allotment. Several people were around looking very busy. The Little Miss and I walked around, picked some kale and looked at what needs to be picked and what needs to be got rid of.

In there somewhere are the parsnips. We need to dig them up! We had some with dinner last weekend and they were delicious. 

The brussels sprouts are still a little bit on the small side so I think we'll wait for them to grow a bit more. 

This is the spinach and it looks awful. We really need to get rid of this lot.

The kale is also looking a bit tiny but I pinched a few leaves and made some chips when we got home. 

I suppose this is what the rhubarb should look like. I hope so anyway. I'm really looking forward to the rhubarb season. We picked plenty last year. 

Looking back at what I've been writing about the allotment is going to be really useful when Mrs. G. and I start planning this year's planting. A lot of work needs to be done before then though. Today looks like another glorious day but it feels quite a lot colder. Is it too cold to dig? Not just for me but for the soil I mean. Dig up parsnips is probably OK but to turn over soil might not be. I had better consult my handbook.

Mrs. M.

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