Saturday, 11 January 2014

It feels like spring

I'm all alone, curled up in my favourite armchair with my breakfast on a tray next to me. The rest of the family is still asleep and even though I struggle to get up in the morning during the week, it seems to be easier to jump out of bed at weekends. 

I'm sitting next to the patio doors and the patio outside is wet. It must have rained last night while I was fast asleep. Not now though. The sky is actually light blue and I'm hoping for a sunny day. It's been very mild all week and when we were doing PE the other day it really felt like spring time. In January! It's all very weird at the moment with flooding and storms all over the country. We've had our share of wind and rain but nowhere near as bad as in some places. 

My sister's birthday has come and gone so now I can show what I made her.

A drawstring bag for I don't know what and a headband in case winter decides to turn up. I've finished the cardigan I've been knitting on and off for the past couple of months and will now take a break from knitting to put together a blanket from 56 big granny squares I've crocheted. I'm also keen to do some sewing. However, before that I think it's time to visit the allotment. 

Mrs. M.

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