Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cars and cakes

It's been a very hectic weekend and I really don't feel ready to go back to work tomorrow. Our car broke down on Friday and has spent the weekend at the local garage. It's apparently the alternator that needs replacing and the mechanic won't be able to get one until Monday. Hey ho. One can live without a car for a weekend, can't one? This weekend wasn't the best one to be without the car but I was prepared to walk and get the train. Our mechanic didn't seem to be of the same opinion. When he called at 6 o'clock on Friday evening to tell us that he wouldn't be able to fix our car until Monday, he insisted that we got one of his loan cars. Hm, I could see pound notes flying away and was, in my head, prepared to give Little Miss M's Saturday flute lesson in the neighbouring town a miss. He kept insisting and when he said it would be free of charge I said yes. So I went to pick up the loan car yesterday morning and have really enjoyed driving around in a small car. It really makes a change from the estate we own. We're a one car family as I work ten minutes walk away and Mr. M works from home. This little Ford Ka has been a delight to drive. The children however were horrified when they saw the little thing. "How embarrassing!" they exclaimed. I can't understand why they would say that. It's a car! Admittedly it's quite old and not very clean and tidy inside, but it's really comfortable and nice to run around in. I've been very happy!

This afternoon Little Miss M and I drove to the local garden centre to pick up some potatoes. They're now positioned in the garage ready to chit. I had no idea about what type to buy so I did my best Mrs. G. I got Foremost for the early potatoes and then two types of late potatoes: King Edward and Romano. 

They're supposed to be somewhere cool and light according to my book so I've placed them by the window in the garage. 

As we took on the allotment in April, we never bought potatoes this early. Hopefully we'll get just as good a harvest as last year.

Today was also a day for baking . Having watched Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast on Friday I really fancied the Tosset Cakes. So I made some. Quite a few actually.

They were really easy to make and rather fun. They also tasted delicious! I now wish I hadn't eaten quite so many...

They were really easy to make and the recipe can be found here. Why not have a go? I've now got a whole tin full of them. It remains to be seen how long before the tin is empty. I don't quite get why they're called cakes when they really are biscuits?

I used my new oven glove to get the trays out of the oven. A little thing I decided to make this morning. The old one is still nice but needed washing so I decided that having two would make life just that much easier. 

Mrs. M.

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