Sunday, 14 April 2013

The End

Today marked the end of the holidays. Both Mrs. G. and I are back to work tomorrow so who knows when we will  next be able to do a bit of digging. 

This last day started very early for the M. family. At 6 o'clock to be precise. Little Miss M. had a race to run so we had to set off early to arrive well in time. The older Master M. escorted his sister to the starting area while Mr. and Mrs. M. parked themselves by the finishing line. We only had to wait half an hour before the first runners arrived and about 20 minutes later the colour of little Miss M.'s race started appearing (each age group and race had a different coloured t-shirt - made it a lot easier!). We didn't expect the little girl to run quite so fast so we were pleasantly surprised when she ran towards us. A very happy girl and totally chuffed parents reunited before heading home.

The weather forecast had promised us sun and hot weather but we didn't see any of that until half way through the afternoon. Lots of rain over the past couple of days didn't bode well for any digging but I couldn't stay away so I took a little trip over to the allotment. They sun was out, it was hot and the rhubarb looked fabulous!

Yes the soil was totally wet and soggy but I couldn't help myself with the spade. I had to straighten out the line that Mrs. G. had started digging while I was munching away on her delicious chocolate cake last week. 

Our wellies were well and truly covered in mud so we stopped after a very short while. Actually, little Miss M. almost stopped digging before she started....

So instead I dug up some leek - thinking of potato and leek soup - and headed home.

Some of the allotments are looking great and I can't wait to start planting. However, before that we need to do some planning. What are we going to plant? How are we going to set out our plot? We need some serious discussion Mrs. G. and moi. 

Mrs. M.


  1. Beautiful digging, Mrs M! Yes - a serious planning session is needed. Meanwhile, the nursery section of our office is looking like a rainforest. We are now in possession of; 12 newly sprouted butternut squash seedlings; some aubergine plants; quite a large number of thirsty, fast growing courgette plants; more than we need brussel spout plnats and of course - 10 wiry cucumber plants. All waiting for warm, carefully raked soil that will hopefully be provided on Saturday!

    Well done to Miss M - beautiful medal! I am very impressed.

  2. Oh you are good Mrs.G! I can probably escape a couple of hours on Saturday :).