Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rain and a tiny leek

So the weather forecast was correct for once. Rain, rain and rain. What a grey and dull day we're having today. Doesn't really matter to me as I'm busy painting doors and skirting boards but I can't help thinking about the allotment and that I'd really like to to go and dig over the remaining part. So while waiting for the undercoat to dry I've snuggled up on little Miss M's bed (the plasterers have invaded the kitchen and the living room is cold) with a cup of tea and some yarn. If I can't get to the allotment I'll just have to let the allotment come to me!

I'm forever mislaying my keys so I thought I'd make myself a big keyring in the shape of a leek. Why a leek you may wonder? Well, I have the colours of leeks in my yarn basket to start with and we've still got leek on the allotment, planted by the previous tenant.

This is way too small for me to find!

That's better. Hopefully I won't have any difficulties finding this one.

What shall I do now? Some more painting or, after looking in the yarn basket, make a tomato?

Mrs. M.


  1. Ooooh! An allotment sounds like great fun, but also hard work. I have been thinking of getting one, but at the moment there jus isn't enough time. Good luck!

    PS: very creative your leek! :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, probably hard work though since I'm sharing it with a friend I'm hoping it won't be too much to juggle. Just think of the lovely produce we'll hopefully harvest later on :)

  2. Well - to 'sticky' for digging still... Although we still managed to have a cup of coffee in the sunshine today. Lets hope for a couple of dry days so we get going! I love the leek, by the way!

  3. And those very yummie chocolate cakes you'd baked made my afternoon!!xx