Friday, 5 April 2013

Our new allotment!

We've finally got our allotment. When Mrs. G. asked me some time last autumn if I wanted to share a plot at the local allotment with her I said yes without hesitation. Thinking this would take a while as the waiting list was rather long made me quite calm as to when this would actually happen. We were planning an extension to our house and knew that we would have a lot to do at home come springtime, but hey, there was a long waiting list wasn't there? Hm, a delighted Mrs. G. called me up two weeks before Easter declaring we were now next in line. A week later we had the key in our hands! 

We couldn't have been any luckier! The plot has clearly been well looked after by the previous tenant and has even got a little red shed in the corner. We're already making plans for lovely summers evenings, admiring our crops over a glass of something. We spent two days over the Easter weekend digging away and have almost covered half the plot. The weather has since turned cold and wet so no more digging for a while. Just as well for me really. There is a bedroom to decorate and a bathroom to tile...

Mrs. M

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