Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Little Miss Naughty

This is Gwen. She's one of our three chickens and definitely the most awkward one. When the builders concreted the new kitchen floor last Friday and gave us strict instructions not to walk on it over the weekend, this little hen completely ignored them and ventured into the kitchen when we were upstairs. How do we know? Well, she kind of left something on the floor so that one of us, contrary to the builders' instructions, had to step on the floor and clean it. How do we know it was Gwen? We just did. Just like you know which child has done something even though they deny it.

When our elderly neighbour two houses away rang the doorbell today and told us he had a chicken in the garden, we knew it was Gwen without looking in our own garden to see who was missing. And of course we were right. Gwen was picking away happily while her two friends Peggy and Marjorie were still at home. Since chickens don't fly she must have flapped and jumped over the two fences that separate us and this particular neighbour. We didn't dare leave her or the other two in the garden after that so we put them back in the run straight away. This clearly annoyed Peggy and Marjorie as they wouldn't stop making noises and kept to the other end of the run, away from Gwen, for quite some time.

Mrs. M

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