Monday, 2 June 2014

Neglect by me

I have just come back from the allotment where I haven't set foot for a couple of weeks. Rain mixed in with too much to do at home have made me stay away voluntarily. I was meant to meet Mrs. G. yesterday but had too much planting to do in my own garden that I ran out of time. Therefore I signed up for watering today and planned to plant onions that I had found in B&Q.

I knew that Mrs. G. had sorted out the shed as she called me while doing it. I didn't realise how hard she had worked. What a transformation! She definitely puts me to shame and I almost couldn't step in for fear of messing it up.

My intention to plant onions disappeared as soon as I saw the weed in the bed I had intended to plant them in. I just have to invest a few hours of weeding and doing my bit of allotment work this coming weekend.  The potatoes are growing nicely and the celery is certainly a lot bigger, though if you can actually eat it I don't know. 

There were quite a few strawberries but the very teenage like master M. and I didn't have anything to put them in so we just picked a few and ate them. Despite having covered them with netting, a lot of them had been half eaten.

I really must make more of an effort this coming weekend. I seem to have forgotten about the poor allotment for all the work at home and school. Time for a change I believe.

Mrs. M.

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