Sunday, 8 June 2014


Today was a day for allotment work. I met up with Mrs. G. in the afternoon for some serious weeding and planting. The sun shone and the sky was blue. Wonderful!

The soil was easy to work and the weed came out easily. I tackled a bed and then planted onions. The onions we planted last autumn will soon be ready to harvest and the garlic was actually sitting there waiting to be dug up. So that's what we did. 


We split the harvest and these beauties will hopefully last for a good while. 

Mrs. G. planted leek and beetroot as well as got rid of the spinach that had gone to seed. We decided to try out the celery so she dug those up and they ended up in our bags. 

There was a notice up on the hut saying that somebody's potatoes had got potato blight. Oh dear. Ours look really good, though a touch on the small side compared to everybody else's. We'll have a go at digging some up at midsummer for the traditional meal. 

Last week when I went to water I thought that Mrs. G. had planted something new and she said today that she thought I had planted these plants:

It took me a while to remember that I had actually planted them and that they are shallots. Hm, this had totally slipped my mind... We didn't plant shallots last year so I had no idea what they look like. Apparently they grow in clumps. We had a peek at another allotment and they looked exactly the same, though obviously much bigger!

The rhubarb isn't doing as well as last year which is slightly disappointing. Most of the strawberries have also been "picked on" by either slugs or birds. The harvest wasn't very impressive so there was no point in sharing it. It was Mrs. G's turn to enjoy them I thought.

All in all, a lovely couple of hours spent in good company was just what I needed today. Now it's time to freshen up, cook dinner and then meet Mr. and Mrs. G for a pub quiz. We haven't been for months so maybe we're back to beginner's luck :).

Mrs. M.

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