Friday, 18 April 2014

Tidying up

Luckily, the weather has been fantastic all week so the visits to the allotment have been really pleasant. We've now more or less finished weeding all the beds and even though everybody else seems to be planting away, we've decided to wait until May. The nights are still fairly cold and apparently we had frost the other night.

The plot inspectors will be making a visit next week so we've tried to tidy up around the shed as well. We've got a grass patch with rather long grass so this week it was time to get the scissors out.

It would have been easier to cut the grass with a lawn mower but since we haven't got one, this was really the only way of doing it. I love the smell of newly cut grass and we decided to sit down and eat our lunch when my back shouted for a pause. Mrs. G. had been busy baking bread and I had brought cappuccino so we had a rather yummy  break. 

The whole plot is looking quite good now, so no worries about being  "told off " by the plot monitors. 

We've promised ourselves to dig over the beds in the autumn so as not to have to do it in the spring next year. The reason why we were a bit lazy six months ago was the bad weather. Fingers crossed for a nice autumn 2014!

Mrs. M.

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