Tuesday, 8 April 2014

And then there were two

Oh dear. Mr. Fox has paid a visit. Dear Marjorie is no longer with us after a run in with the sly animal. At least that's what we think happened. What else could it be? She was found with her neck broken behind a tree at the top of the garden and there were feathers all around. Gwen and Peggy were at the bottom of the garden making a racket and seemed quite disturbed.  

Marjorie, Peggy and Gwen.

I suppose we've been quite lucky not having lost any of them earlier since they've been wandering around freely for hours every day. At the age of two they are considered "older" chickens and I guess Marjorie had a good life while it lasted. Now that Mr. Fox knows that there are chickens to catch, he might be coming back. We'd better put a padlock on the coop!


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