Monday, 14 April 2014

New spot for the chickens

Today has been a glorious day! Mr.M. and I spent all day in the garden cutting back bushes and moving the chicken coop and run. We're having a garden room built where the chickens live so we had to move them. They didn't seem to mind while we were chopping and moving, but they have seemed a bit unsure about their new place this evening. Ah well, considering the size of their brains, they'll soon forget ever having lived in a different spot.

In between chopping and lifting we had to have quite a few tea breaks. We tend not to use loose tea but I was given some by my sister last week along with a little diver to put the leaves in.


Once the little diver had had enough he was off to his little rubber dinghy and the tea was ready.

Cute little fellow. And the tea was lovely as well. 

Mrs. M. 

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