Sunday, 1 December 2013

First of Advent

Finally the official countdown to Christmas has started! Little Miss M. put the Christmas CD on before having breakfast and I can foresee myself being really sick of the songs by next weekend...

Mr. M. cleaned the chicken coop yesterday and ended up with a bucket full of ... so today we went to the allotment to empty the bucket. I hadn't been for at least 3 weeks and was slightly worried that I'd be met by beds covered in weed. Luckily that wasn't the case. It did look a bit dull but I was very happy with how well the brussel sprouts are doing. 

They're looking so lovely and I can't wait until we serve them with our Christmas meal!

The Savoy cabbage is also looking okay though slightly small. 

There wasn't much else going on up there. The garlic and onions are coming on nicely, the leek is looking great and fingers crossed that the parsnips in the ground are big. It was rather cold today so we only stayed for a short while before we headed back to light the first Advent candle and drink some hot glögg. We also had some of yesterday's gingerbread and a mince pie each. Lovely!

All in all a lovely start to December!

Mrs. M.

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