Friday, 1 November 2013

We went on a trip

Yes we did. We went on a little trip to the big shop with 4 letters in yellow and blue today. It was only Mr. M. and myself so we took the opportunity to have a coffee and cake as well. The coffee was nice but the cake was way too sweet. Never mind. It's nice to have a coffee just the two of us. 

As usual, we ended up buying more than we had set out to but everything we got was needed. I wanted some kind of basket arrangement to put on the wall just inside the garage door. I thought it would be a good idea to keep potatoes, onions, vegetables etc there as the garage is fairly cold in winter. We found exactly what we wanted and put them up more or less straight after we got home.

So far I've only put the potatoes and some broccoli and salad onions in there. The onions are in a very nice plastic tray that we picked up for nothing at the local farm shop. So far we've picked up 3. They'll be very handy next year when we, hopefully, have a lot more onions from our own plot. 

Next to the trays you can spot 15 bottles of "julmust" that we also bought today. The big shop no longer have a lot of traditional Swedish food, which I think every single Swede living abroad close to one of these big shops is hacked off about, so I was surprised to find this traditional Christmas drink. Hey ho, we are now prepared for a traditional Christmas meal as we also got some pickled herring, meatballs and crispbread.  All in all a very successful trip!

Mrs. M.


  1. Isn't it satisfying to find new solutions :-) Hmmm... I can't believe Ikea are stopping selling food items! I went to one of their outlets in London a month ago and they still has 'stuff'... But there is still the internet shop called Scandinavian Kitchen that sells a lot of 'needed' stuff.

    1. I think that everybody from the Scandinavian community all over the world is hacked off with IKEA. I still buy their herring, meatballs and "lingonsylt" but the rest will have to come from Totally Swedish in London. They also sell online.