Monday, 5 May 2014

A bit of planting

We're a bit late planting this year. Mrs. G. has gone away for the weekend and I saw this as an opportunity to get things done at home. Until I took at trip to the allotment and saw how hard my buddy had worked in the week. It made me feel very guilty and lazy so I decided to make an effort on this last day of the long weekend. 

I didn't want to go ahead and fill the remaining beds without Mrs. G. so I only got plants that I was pretty sure she'd want us to grow. I started off by digging in some horse manure before planting some shallots. I bought two bags at the local garden centre as they were half price. No wonder they were cheap. I could only use half of them as the rest had gone rotten. There were no onions left so I assume we're way too late for that. Luckily we've got a whole bed full of them that we planted last autumn, ready for picking in June. 

Quite a lot of onions and garlic!
I also planted some rocket and both mixed lettuce and iceberg lettuce. We'll stagger this so that we'll have lettuce throughout the summer. 

I  bought the rocket at the local farm but the lettuces are seeds from a packet. 

Finally, I bought some tomato plants at the local farm and fingers crossed that there won't be any frost as I decided to plant them out. I put cut off plastic bottles around them to protect them a little bit but I doubt they'll keep the frost out should we have a cold night or two. 

The potatoes are emerging, though they are a long way behind the spuds on the neighbouring plots. No that it matters. As long as we'll get potatoes I'll be happy. 


Hopefully we'll get some more planting done next weekend and then we'll have to focus on weeding until harvesting. 

Mrs. M.

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